ThirdWayDecember 9, 2015

Office Design Trends For 2016


With 2015 starting to wrap itself up for Christmas, we thought we would take a look at the top trends of the year and give our Top 5 office design trend predictions for 2016…


There have been various studies regarding the benefits of bringing the outside into the workplace. It has been suggested that plenty of greenery can increase your employees productivity levels, well-being and creativity. Nature within the workplace has been a popular trend throughout 2015 – However, within the last couple of months it has really started to take momentum across our offices. It is because of this and the Governments growing pressures on Carbon Footprint awareness that we predict nature will be a big trend in the new year.











With nature quickly becoming a big part of office design – It is no surprise that lighting is also one of our top trends for 2016. Many workplaces today demonstrate a strong emphasis on feature lighting – Giving particular areas more or less light depending on individual working needs.













Like 2015, 2016 will continue to display a high demand in bright, bold and vibrant colours throughout commercial environments. Colours not only add a sense of identity and personality to a space but they are also key to supporting and enhancing your company brand. There have also been various studies suggesting that particular colours can improve the way we think and act.












A vital feature for the smooth running of any business is technology. It is important that the infrastructure of an office accommodates the use of technology. If technology is not up to scratch employees will find themselves extremely frustrated and unable to reach their full potential. Projection screens or large TV screens for presentations and staff meetings are very useful tools to have in an office.













This is nothing new – With companies such as Google pioneering collaborative working, but the open-office design concept is becoming more and more popular. Encouraging employee interaction is proven to increase productivity and morale among team members. It promotes a sense of community and is particularly conducive to creativity and innovation. Therefore it is a given that this will continue to become a growing trend throughout workplaces in 2016.