ThirdWayMay 12, 2015

The Office Design Revolution

Office design has changed drastically over the past 60 years, from cramped and over crowded spaces to collaborative and flexible spaces. Today’s offices now recognise the need for various environments that allow staff both interactive and private time, whilst also representing and reflecting the company’s brand and culture through creativity.


Offices in this era lacked everything we see as essential to the workplace today. It is surprising that businesses were once able to function like this. Oh how times have changed!



Again, where is all the technology and computers? Although the good old open plan layout has begun to take place, there is very little space and no break out areas what so ever. This must have been quite a loud and overcrowded workplace.













The beginning of the 1970’s saw a familiar layout to what we have today, with a bit more space and lighting. However, further through the 70’s bought the rise of the dreaded cubicles.










Here we have the introduction to the computer age…Finally! The office design itself is still lacking in space and collaboration. Employees are very much ‘each to their own’  meaning there must have been little interaction.















Computers have now reached their prime and are common in all workplaces. This era also bought us the launch of our most profound search engine, Google.












The 21st Century:

The 21st century has bought with it everything we know today as vital to office design.

Open Plan Design: There is now open plan workplaces providing much more space which encourages employee interaction and boosts productivity.

Collaboration: It is also the era for collaboration, allowing employees to get away from their desks from time to time effectively encouraging creativity and employee interaction in various working environments.

Technology: The infrastructure of office design today now accommodates the use of technology, from computers and laptops, to TV screens and Microsoft Surface Hubs.

Creativity: We have also seen a growing increase in creative office design with the use of vibrant colours, and visually impressive designs, to reinforce business branding and culture.