ThirdWayMarch 15, 2016

Why Office Design Matters…


March is often referred to as the month of new beginnings following January. With the speed in which organisations grow and adapt today there seems no better time to change your workplace environment.

Many companies have embraced drastic changes since the 1990’s both internally and externally. It is because of this that people performance is more important than ever.

Employees play an even greater role in generating and sustaining profits, so understanding and enhancing their productivity and happiness within the workplace is vital to today’s growth and development.

One of the main benefits from making changes to business environments is the efficiency and effectiveness of the ways in which people work.

Below are some of the key benefits driven from office design upon your employees:

Improve Team Relations:

Break out areas and open plan spaces will encourage employee interaction and instigate new lines of communications. By providing open spaces, you might notice that work gets completed quicker and to higher standards, as all departments will begin to work together and bounce ideas off one another.












Down Time:

Chill out spaces are also key to improving employee morale and happiness at work. You can easily create a space using soft seating to give your team additional working space, as well as somewhere they can go for some down time away from their desk.












More Options:

Flexible working areas are another key contributor to boosting productivity levels within the workplace. Each employee has a variety of different working needs, all in which will benefit from different working areas, such as a bleecher, tea point bar, booth, meeting room, desk etc.












Motivate and Engage:

Nothing is worse than getting up everyday and going to work somewhere dull and lifeless. Your workspace should not only inspire your team but it should also reflect and enhance your company’s values. A creative and brand focused space will remind your team of the story behind your business and generate a feeling of belonging. A creative environment can have a significant impact on how your employees respond to your organisations values and its success.













If you are considering an office move or fit out give us a call today to see how we can help.