TransferWise removes all the wrongness, letting people send money abroad at the lowest possible true cost. Using only real exchange rates and tiny not-hidden-fees. Headaches averted, and a revolution sparked. TransferWise had been growing rapidly over the last few years and so this move was big for them. They wanted to take this opportunity to create an office that will take them from the 100 odd member team they are now, to a 200-300 people strong business. The company was also undergoing a re-brand, making a statement with a slightly more ‘grown up’ approach to their identity and so this was to be reflected in the space and the design.

The building itself was an incredibly difficult building to work in, with concrete floor and exposed ceilings, not to mention the large amount of columns. The design needed to work in harmony with the building architecture. Hence the design is more about form, shapes and beautiful, yet simple, materials, rather than bold and quirky start up vibes. The building also lacked solid walls and areas for whiteboards; a key element behind how TransferWise work, so we had to create a new way to give them white board space without making the space feel segmented or add to the already visually busy building.

The old office they were in no longer worked for them in terms of space or function. They needed more meeting spaces, conference call rooms and an environment that allowed them to be flexible around work stations. We carried out a workspace analysis to work out exactly what was and wasn’t working, to ascertain what everyone needed from the new office. We even sat in and studied how they worked, as it was incredibly unique to them. This information was then reflected in the space plan.

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Client: TransferWise
Sector: Finance / Tech
Size: 18,000 sq/ft

Location: Shoreditch, London

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Reception - TransferWise by ThirdWay


Bleacher with integrated storage - TransferWise by ThirdWay

Bleacher with integrated storage

Meeting booths - TransferWise by ThirdWay

Meeting booths

Office  - TransferWise by ThirdWay


Breakout space - TransferWise by ThirdWay

Breakout space

Boardroom - TransferWise by ThirdWay


Spacious corridors - TransferWise by ThirdWay

Spacious corridors

Terrace - TransferWise by ThirdWay


Branded props - TransferWise by ThirdWay

Branded props

Bespoke benching - TransferWise by ThirdWay

Bespoke benching

Hipster café - TransferWise by ThirdWay

Hipster café