Keeping within budget and timelines.

Getting the brief right is absolutely crucial. It's the difference between keeping within budget and facing a huge overspend at the end of the project.

We take pride in making sure this stage is conducted with precision. We'll talk you through the various options and help you to really visualise the space you need.

We'll discuss all the basics such as meeting rooms, open plan space, facilities, storage and furniture but also the 'not-so-obvious' items such as recycling points, comms/IT set up and any other finishing touches.

If budget is a big consideration, we'll find ways to offer alternative solutions, which reduce costs without compromising on quality. Whatever your challenge or brief, we are committed to helping you find a solution which matches your needs perfectly, delivers the look and feel you want and within the budget you want to spend.


Meeting your expectations!

With the cost detail agreed, we'll issue a contract, procure the materials and get onto the site. Don't worry; our Directors won't leave you at this point, far from it! They'll remain heavily involved in the entire delivery process and will be on hand to discuss any issues with you.

During the delivery part of the programme, we'll conduct weekly site meetings with you to view progress, discuss the works and tackle any issues arising during the build processes. After each meeting, we'll issue minutes and regular project updates so you know exactly where the project is at every step of the way.

You'll also have a designated projects team assigned to your project to ensure that health & safety procedures are adhered to.

On completion, we'll be there to ensure a smooth handover of the site to you and to join in the celebrations!


Understanding of the space and what you want to achieve.

The best place to meet you for the first time is at your potential site, so that we can really get a feel and understanding of the space and shape of the building and what you are trying to achieve. Every building is different and elements such as ceiling heights, floor voids, air conditioning and even water services can affect the design process, so we much prefer to have all the information and variables upfront.

Don't worry if you are considering several sites, as we will happily visit all of them so that we can really get a feel for the balance you are trying to strike between client facing areas, staff space and general office areas. It's important for furniture choices too. You might think this is premature at this stage, but due to long lead times on certain items, some decisions need to be made early in the life of the project and not at the end.

We like to think of this as the start of our journey with you. It's a time for you to get to know us and for you to see that not only will this be a great project, it will be fun too!


This is when things start to get exciting!

We bring together all your requirements and explore how various design options could bring all of these aspects together. In basic terms, we want to make sure that the ideas fit and that the building works in the way you want it to.

Our plans leave no stone unturned and we consider everything from people flow to storage, making sure we utilise the ergonomics of the building to show off its best features. We also factor in issues such as flexibility and expansion, so that you can see how the space can develop as your business grows.

Ultimately, our goal is to show that we have listened to your needs and interpreted them in a way that ticks all the right boxes. Things can and do change, so it is unlikely that the initial plan will become the final signed off plan, but we always produce accurate and realistic plans from the onset.


A shopping list of every item, from furniture to fixtures and fittings.

The specification or 'scope of works' helps us narrow down exactly what you want to include in your site. It's essentially a shopping list of every item, from furniture to fixtures and fittings.

It's also important to understand the cost implications associated with aspects of your design that you can't see, which in part, will be influenced by the age and condition of the building.

Often, up to 75% of a fit out budget is spent on 'invisible' items, such as air conditioning, fresh air and plumbing services and so it's critical that we provide you with an indication of what you can expect for your budget as early in the process as possible.

It will be up to you to decide whether you want to spend money on an attractive and eye catching reception area or want very specific furniture styles to reflect your brand or company culture. Whatever your preferences, we'll help you to spread your budget in the right way to deliver exactly the environment you want to achieve.

What's more, we'll guarantee to spend the last 10% of your budget better than anyone else! We do this through time, energy and creativity, but don't just take our word for it, visit our portfolio to see how we've achieved this time and time again for our many happy clients!


Providing a punctual and professional service.

We understand the importance of timescales and the need to avoid unnecessary spend. That's why we aim to start work as soon as your rent-free period begins.

All of our programmes are put together by our in-house project management team and include for everything from furniture to IT installations.

Don't worry, we don't do generic. Everything we produce is entirely specific to individual client timescales and that's the way we like it.

Our process involves two stages:

Pre-construction: Covering issues such as statutory applications to local building control officers and CBM co-ordination

Construction: This covers everything from site set up to deliveries to the final handover at the end of the project

Remember, although you have a dedicated project manager, our directors do not walk away but stay with you throughout the duration of the project. If there is a problem they'll be there making sure that our commitments to you are delivered.

Design detail

Visualise your new space and ensure it matches your expectations.

We know that seeing is believing, so with your site venue and space plan agreed, we'll then begin work on making your new space a reality with our detailed design process.

With us, what you see is what you get, sadly in our industry, many companies will show you a flash design, but go on to deliver something inferior. That's a problem you won't ever come across if you work with us.

We'll produce CGI Designs and elevations that include furniture, fittings and finishes to help you really visualise your new space and ensure it matches your expectations.

Secondly, we'll produce technical working drawings, which covers the mechanical aspects of your space, such as air conditioning, lights, electrics, and plumbing. These drawings although not as visually impressive as the CGI designs are just as important as these are drawings that our contracts team will build to.

To see some of our CGI's please go to our portfolio page.

Cost detail

We deliver on budget and on time!

With the design complete and furniture selected, we'll revisit the original specification and produce our final detailed cost plan, our itinerary for the project.

Remember, we offer fixed price contracts, so you can rest assured you won't be in for any hidden surprises.

We agree a fixed price for our specification and we stick to it. That's our commitment to you. You can then safely sign off your project in the knowledge that you will come in on budget and on time.