ThirdWay Interiors Office

We founded ThirdWay because we wanted to do things better.

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ThirdWay Interiors Office

We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Third Way’ - Championing dependable, reliable and client focused design and build.

Safecontractor Accredited
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This industry is prevalent with companies that promise the earth and don't deliver. Companies that promise a fixed price but are only interested in up-selling. Companies where the owners of the business pitch projects but once they are won, are never seen again. ThirdWay was founded out of a reaction to these bad practices.

...we capture the design brief and understand all the objectives.

Our experienced design and technical teams are in-house, meaning the business owners and project managers work closely with clients throughout the entire process to ensure we capture the design brief and understand all the objectives. Through improving the desirability of the asset, we repeatedly help our clients to attract and retain tenants to their buildings.'s not the size or value, it's about choosing the right projects and delivering the best build environment.

ThirdWay Interiors Office
ThirdWay Interiors Office
ThirdWay Interiors Office

Celebrating company culture is something we at Thirdway believe in.

Since our launch in 2009, ThirdWay Interiors portfolio has continued to grow which has led to a growth in our company size and office space, all of which we are extremely proud and stands as a solid representation of our company values and culture.

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Our people

At ThirdWay Interiors we know we are only as good as our last job and that’s why we are committed to making every client our next reference. You will not find a more skilled, passionate and dedicated team to deliver your fit out.

Ben Gillam - ThirdWay Interiors Owner

Ben Gillam


Fraser Munro - ThirdWay Interiors Owner

Fraser Munro


Mason Booth - ThirdWay Interiors Owner

Mason Booth


Hannah Salter - ThirdWay Interiors People Director

Hannah Salter

People Director

Kevin Wither - ThirdWay Interiors Senior Commercial Manager

Kevin Wither

Project Director

Jonathan Sweeney - ThirdWay Interiors Director of Operations

Jonathan Sweeney

Director of Operations

Daron Simpson - ThirdWay Interiors Senior Project Manager

Daron Simpson

Senior Project Manager

Tom Gordon - ThirdWay Interiors Contracts Director

Tom Gordon

Contracts Director

Megan Sumner - ThirdWay Interiors Marketing and Office Co-ordinator

Megan Sumner

Marketing and Office Co-ordinator

Alex Chapman - ThirdWay Interiors Business Development Director

Alex Chapman

Business Development Director

Rob Goulder ThirdWay Interiors Design Director

Rob Goulder

Design Director

Louis Holmes ThirdWay Interiors Projects Director

Louis Holmes

Projects Director

Lyndsay Blue ThirdWay Interiors Head of Design

Lyndsay Blue

Head of Design

Mike Dexter Smith - ThirdWay Interiors Senior Project Manager

Mike Dexter Smith

Senior Project Manager

Stephen McCullough - ThirdWay Senior Project Manager

Stephen McCullough

Senior Project Manager

Daniel Jerram - ThirdWay Interiors Designer

Daniel Jerram


Derryn Taylor - ThirdWay Interiors Senior Designer

Derryn Taylor

Senior Designer

Tom Crawford - ThirdWay Interiors Creative

Tom Crawford

Charlotte Toon - ThirdWay Interiors Designer

Charlotte Toon

Senior Designer

Sam Radcliffe - ThirdWay Interiors Project Manager

Sam Radcliffe

Project Manager

Danielle Rubie - ThirdWay Interiors Designer

Danielle Rubie


Liam Baptist ThirdWay Interiors Senior Business Development Manager

Liam Baptist

Senior Business Development Manager

Jordan Reid - ThirdWay Interiors Project Manager

Jordan Reid

Project Manager

Luke Griffin - ThirdWay Interiors Business Development Manager

Luke Griffin

Business Development Manager

Rob Walsh – ThirdWay Interiors Creative Manager

Rob Walsh

Creative Manager

Paul Brown – ThirdWay Interiors Senior Commercial Manager

Paul Brown

Senior Commercial Manager

Alexandra Hill - ThirdWay Interiors Designer

Alexandra Hill


Fraser Hogg - ThirdWay Interiors Commercial Manager

Fraser Hogg

Account Manager

Dean Carter - ThirdWay Interiors Market Research Manager

Dean Carter

Market Research Manager

Rameez Raja - ThirdWay Interiors Designer

Rameez Raja


Samuel Carey – ThirdWay Interiors Commercial Manager

Samuel Carey

Commercial Manager

Katie Greenaway - ThirdWay Interiors Account Manager

Katie Greenaway

Account Manager

Barnaby Smith MRICS - ThirdWay Interiors Business Development Manager

Barnaby Smith MRICS

Business Development Manager

Tom Iles - ThirdWay Interiors Designer

Tom Iles


Jonny Walker - ThirdWay Interiors Project Manager

Jonny Walker

Project Manager

Saad Khan - ThirdWay Interiors Finance Manager

Saad Khan

Finance Manager

Martyna Skoczek - ThirdWay Interiors Technical Designer

Martyna Skoczek

Technical Designer

Dominique Brown - ThirdWay Interiors Senior Designer

Dominique Brown

Senior Designer

Janaki Nandha - ThirdWay Interiors Accounts Assistant

Janaki Nandha

Accounts Assistant

Siobhan Vassell - ThirdWay Interiors Accounts Assistant


Accounts Assistant

Joe White - ThirdWay Interiors Project Manager

Joe White

Project Manager

Jono Wood - ThirdWay Interiors Senior Designer

Jono Wood

Senior Designer

FAHAD KHAN - ThirdWay Interiors Management Accountant

Fahad Khan

Management Accountant

Michael Sullivan - ThirdWay Interiors Finance and Operations Manager

Michael Sullivan

Finance and Operations Manager

Tommy Fenech - ThirdWay Interiors Accounts Assistant

Tommy Fenech

Accounts Assistant

Feyi Debo-Aina - ThirdWay Interiors Junior Creative

Feyi Debo-Aina

Junior Creative

James Blezard - ThirdWay Interiors Networker

James Blezard


Chris Munce - ThirdWay Interiors Junior Commercial Manager

Chris Munce

Junior Commercial Manager

Paul Tucker - ThirdWay Technical Services Manager

Paul Tucker

Technical Services Manager

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