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Review and Fact Find

During this stage we aim to harness the basic information required to accurately re-model the building facility.

We therefore recognise that in addition to the basic building information that it's also imperative we capture as many specific requirements at this stage, before embarking upon the re-modelling exercise.


  • Review of existing floor plans and check accuracy with built environment.
  • Obtain and review technical building records - including mechanical and electrical.
  • Define brief and strategy.
  • Seek initial building control approval on early concepts.
  • Project workshop to gain feedback on ThirdWay tabled design concept.
  • Appoint structural engineer to investigate any extensive works to the building fabrics.


  • Full design brief.
  • At high level - report on what changes to existing structure and M&E services that will need to be made to re-model the facility.

Concept design and specification

During this stage we will refine the proposal further by working up an accurate design and cost model inclusive of phased development plans, and confirm an overall cost and delivery programme for implementation.


  • Produce plans to highlight the required modifications to the base build space as well as the mechanical and electrical services.
  • Produce elevations and 3D rendered visuals to support the existing floor plans.
  • Proposals on key features and finishes selections.
  • Produce a detailed construction phasing plan to implement the building re-modelling.


  • Fully annotated plans confirming the re-modelling vision.
  • 3D visuals.
  • Integrated High and Low Level Technical Drawings.
  • Detailed cost plan highlighting 'shopping-list' of new requirements.
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ThirdWay Interiors Office animated gif

Detailed design and construction proposals

During this stage we will finalise the design proposal, working up an comprehensive construction package containing all elements of the build.


  • Finalise all production information from a design, mechanical and electrical front.
  • Finalise finishes and specification.
  • Lighting product selection.
  • Determine full Construction Programme.
  • Finalise all costs.
  • Planning consent applications for all external works.


  • Fully coordinated construction drawing package.
  • Finishes Specification.
  • High and Low Level Technical Drawings.
  • Door Schedules.
  • Detailed Construction Programme.
  • Final agreed Cost Plan.

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